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Here at Porter's, we pride ourselves on our robust curriculum made possible by our dedicated and innovative faculty. While the best way to preview our academic program is to visit a class, our teachers across departments and disciplines have shared lesson plans, videos, and student projects to highlight some of the academic work Porter's is producing.

Final Project Assignment:

"The culminating project for this course requires you to develop and present a meaningful argument of your own.  As informed citizens who understand the elements of effective arguments, I expect that you will take time to think about issues that matter to you personally, but also consider issues that matter to our community at large - here at Porter’s, in CT, in the US, or globally.  What is something you would like to bring attention to and what would be the best way for you to do so?"

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Dr. Gene Cassidy provides students with an overview and explanation of the syllabus for his History of Latin America (HOLA) class. His Youtube channel features more content for the course.

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Bioethics Project

Science teacher Lesley Skenderian provides a bioethics project titled, "Equity in Genetics," and a presentation from her Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (TIE) course.

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Blog by Mackenzie R. '20

Podcast by Jackie B. '20
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Blog by Jackie B. '20

AIS Capstone

AIS Capstone is designed to be the most rigorous and demanding academic experience at Miss Porter’s School, challenging students in their last year to develop, research, practice, and present their learning in response to a timeless question or a pressing problem in a field of their own choosing. Students have support from faculty throughout the process and are required to meet certain milestones to continue into the second semester of the course. In our school’s Mission, we ask students to “shape a changing world." AIS Capstone encapsulates that principle, as students will shape their own experience while beginning to shape a changing world through authentic, relevant and impactful work. The 12th grade InterMission experience for AIS Capstone students will be connected to and support each student’s self-directed project.

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Video Explanation

Eileen Mooney utilizes the Adobe Spark program to create an informative video for her precalculus students on the topic of logs.

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Lexis/Vocab Powerpoint

Madame Loeb provides a PowerPoint presentation for a lexis lesson for her Advanced Interdisciplinary Seminar (AIS) French class. 

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A Letter to Students

English teacher Kate Doemland writes a letter to students in her Modern American Drama and Social Justice English Elective to share her thoughts on and adaptations to the course's objectives as the school shifts to distance learning.

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Video Lesson

Photography teacher Josh Bezdek shares a brief video lesson titled, "Getting Closer / Crazy Angles" with his students in his black and white photography class. He also challenges them s to apply the techniques discussed in the video to their next photography assignment.

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