Feminism and Women's History

The Assignment: Podcast

"For this assignment, and using readings from class and from your own research, you will produce a 5-7 minute podcast segment that answers the question: What is Feminism? This podcast should use evidence to support your personal understanding of feminism but can also incorporate a variety of your lived experiences to help you articulate your ideas. Note: this podcast will be used as the basis of your research proposal/final project so make sure to incorporate significant research to help support your ideas!

Podcast by Jackie B. '20

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  • Student creates a podcast segment that is 5-7 minutes long.

  • Student’s podcast segment is focused on exploring and explicating an important insight that is developing in the course of their inquiry project.

  • Student’s podcast segment is analytical in a way that would spark an important conversation about teaching among their colleagues and educational leaders.

  • Student’s podcast segment is polished and pleasing to listen to with regard to storyline, language, sound quality, balance of voices/music/ambient sound, transitions, and other production choices.

  • Student’s tone, style, language, and content are appropriate for communicating with an audience of professional peers."

The Assignment: Blog

"Each week, you will write a 400-800 word blog post about our class conversations, readings, and general thoughts about feminism. This blog is a place for you to express yourself, dig a little deeper and respond to your classmates and their thoughts.



  • Create a WordPress account (​https://wordpress.org/​) (Nothing says a good blog like visual appeal so dress it up a little)

  • At the end of the week, (on your own and in class) you will be required to create a 400-800 word blog post detailing your thoughts on our class discussions, readings, and general thoughts about feminism.

  • After you've written your blog post, you will post it in the discussion section (located under each unit on the topics page)

  • Additionally, you will be grading yourselves on your blog posts (rubric attached) every two weeks. You are required to fill out the rubric and submit it on MyPorter’s (please do not email it to me) each week after you have completed your blog post.

  • Throughout the semester, you must respond ​​in a comment of no less than 150 words ​to at least 5 of your peers' blog posts."

Blog by Mackenzie R. '20

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Blog by Jackie B. '20

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