Porter's Challenges

The Admission Office hosted many information and engagement sessions throughout the fall. This winter, we are excited to offer our first ever Porter's Challenges for prospective students!



What are Porter's Challenges?


Porter's Challenges are a fun way for prospective students to engage with our school beyond Zoom and virtual events. These Challenges explore Porter's unique Institutes and programs: The Institute for Technology, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship (TIE), The Institute for Global Education (IGE), and The Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI). We hope that these Challenges will spark creativity and engage your critical thinking skills. These Challenges will allow you to preview how our Institutes and programs engage our Porter's students. Submissions are due February 15, 2021. Submissions will be reviewed by the Office of Admission and the respective Institute/Office. The winner for each Challenge will receive a Porter's swag bag!

Winners will be notified March 1, 2021.


TIE For Your School


Design and create a piece of functional furniture for a space in your school (ex: classroom, lounge, library, etc.).​


Your prototype must:

  1. Serve its purpose; that is, be functional.

  2. Be to scale.

  3. Reflect essential design elements or style of your school.

  4. Be well crafted.

  5. Be made entirely of cardboard and glue or tape. You may use paint or markers to decorate your functional furniture.


How to Make a Submission

Please submit a video or photo & written submission to admission@missporters.org by February 15, 2021. Please make the subject: Porter’s Challenges: TIE 


IGE Option 1: A Voice for Your Nation


Imagine that you are meeting in front of the main governing body of your nation. Your task is to explain what challenges girls and young women are facing in your country, the ways in which the government may further perpetuate these issues, and offer recommendations for policies and initiatives to support this population. 


You may submit your response in one of the following formats:

  1. Create an audio recording of your speech

  2. Video record a presentation 

  3. Submit a transcript of your speech

Resource: United Nations Commission on the Status of Women 


One key focus of the CSW is to ensure that transitions are fully inclusive and democratic, meaning that they respond to the needs and priorities of women and girls. Delegates will have to ensure that inclusive national dialogue is being fostered and that transition countries adopt gender-responsive policies. They also must address the need for governments to make national budgets supportive and committed to gender equality, and strengthen partnerships between both governments and NGOs.

Source: www.thebestdelegate.com



How to Make a Submission

Please send your submission to admission@missporters.org by February 15, 2021. Please make the subject: Porter’s Challenges: IGE Option 1


IGE Option 2: Photo Contest #TheWorldWeLiveIn: Life in the time of COVID-19


In October 2020, the United Nations unveiled the 75 best photos from the photo competition #TheWorldWeWant in an online exhibit to mark the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. Modeled off of this exhibit, Miss Porter’s School challenges you to submit a photo capturing “#TheWorldWeLiveIn: Life in the time of COVID-19.” 


Please submit a photo and a half-page description of the photo. The description should include:

  1. Where and when was the photograph taken?

  2. Who or what is in the photograph?

  3. How does this photograph represent the state of the world we live in right now?

  4. What do you hope people will feel and think while viewing your photo?

How to Make a Submission

Please submit your photo and a half-page description to admission@missporters.org by February 15, 2021. Please make the subject: Porter’s Challenges: IGE Option 2


OEI: The Impact of Unconscious Bias


What is unconscious bias, how does it show up in your life as a teenager?


Please make a Public Service Announcement (PSA) (EX: flyer, slidedeck, video, speech, song, or spoken word) with high school students as the target audience. Remember:

  1. Keep your focus narrow and to the point. More than one idea confuses your audience, so have one main idea per PSA.

  2. Do your research! Try to get the most current and up to date facts on your topic. Statistics and references can add to a PSA. You want to be convincing and accurate.

  3. Grab your audience's attention. You might use visual effects, an emotional response, humor, or surprise to catch your target audience. Be careful, however, of using scare tactics. Attention getters are needed, but they must be carefully selected.   

How to Make a Submission

Please submit your PSA to admission@missporters.org by February 15, 2021. Please make the subject: Porter’s Challenges: OEI 

As we say at Porter's... Get Excited!


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