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What Is Porter's LEADS?


Porter’s LEADS programs and events provide middle school girls with the opportunity to experience Porter's academic, artistic, and athletic curriculum. Porter’s LEADS is where curiosity and confidence blossom, and where middle school girls emerge with greater understanding of all they can accomplish as informed, bold, resourceful, and ethical global citizens.





What are Porter's Challenges?

Porter’s LEADS Challenges are a fun way for middle school students to engage with Porter’s beyond Zoom, virtual events, and summer programs. These Challenges will spark creativity and engage critical thinking skills. The winner of each challenge will receive a Porter's Summer Swag Bag! 

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The Challenges


Challenge 1: Jewelry Coding

Release Date: May 1

Submissions Due: May 30

Winner Announced: June 10


Challenge 2: Stop-Animation Short Film

Release Date: June 1

Submissions Due: June 30

Winner Announced: July 10

Challenge 3: Women of Color in Literature

Release Date: July 1

Submissions Due: July 30

Winner Announced: August 10


Challenge 4: Exploring Heritage Food

Release Date: August 1

Submissions Due: August 30

Winner Announced: September 10

Challenge 3 (July)

Challenge 3: Women of Color in Literature

Release Date: July 1

Submissions Due: July 30

Winner Announced: August 10


Why do you read the books you read? What do you know about the authors of your favorite books? Are they men? Women? White? People of Color? Take some time to research authors who are women of color, what motivates them, and why they write what they do. See if you can find authors who you haven’t read in school or who aren’t at the top of best-seller lists. Select a book by one that grabs your attention. 


Your challenge is to tell us why you chose the author and book and submit a creative synopsis.  


You are free to choose how you tell us about your author, book, and the story! Be creative and be yourself!



How to submit:

Please email synopsis submissions to admission@missporters.org with the subject line “PORTER’S LEADS CHALLENGE: JULY SUBMISSION” by July 30, 2021.