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Global Seminar Series

Saturday, February 12

9:00 - 11:00 A.M. ET

Girls Activism and Empowerment:

The Key to Solving the Climate Crisis

Why is girls' activism and empowerment important? How can we help solve pressing global issues such as climate change? How can you become an empowered activist by finding your voice and using it for good? Join us on February 12, 2022 at our first of two virtual Porter’s LEADS Global Seminar, Girls 'Activism and Empowerment: The Key to Solving the Climate Crisis!


This interactive seminar, led by the Miss Porter's School Institute for Global Education (IGE), is inspired by The UN Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change. Middle-school girls will engage with guest speakers and in facilitated conversations to expand their global awareness of the climate crisis and use their global citizenship skills to activate their unique power as the leaders of tomorrow.

Meet the Speakers
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Nisreen Elsaim (Sudan) is a climate activist and junior negotiator at intergovernmental climate change platforms with experience across a range of environmental topics. She was part of the social movement that brought about democratic change in Sudan.


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Paloma Costa (Brazil) is a lawyer and human rights defender who has coordinated the youth delegations to serve climate conferences.


More speakers to be announced soon.

Additional Information

Space is limited. Registration deadline is February 5, 2022.

Cost: $50 per student